Xeomin and Botox is used for treatment of wrinkles and facial expression lines such as:

  • Forehead frown & furrow lines

  • Nasal bunny lines

  • Crows feet on the side of the eyes

  • Eyebrow lift

  • Gummy smile

  • Sad smile

  • Lines around the mouth

  • Chin dimples

  • Platysmal bands on the neck

Xeomin/Botox is not very effective for wrinkles that are present all the time without facial muscle contraction.

In addition to cosmetic treatment, Xeomin & Botox can be used off-label (i.e. it is not FDA approved for these indications) for treatment of: 

  • Migraine/headaches

  • Excess sweating from forehead and armpits

  • Bruxism (teeth grinding)

Please note: These off-label treatments are not covered by insurance.

How does Xeomin/Botox work?

Xeomin/Botox acts by immobilizing the muscle at treated sites. It does this by inhibiting contraction of the targeted muscles. Only those muscles producing these undesirable lines are treated.

How is Xeomin different then Botox?

The two products are very similar. They take the same time to take effect and last about as long. Xeomin is a purified version of Botulinum toxin with less risk of developing antibodies over time. 

Since Xeomin is generally cheaper than Botox, we are able to pass some of those savings to you. 

How is treatment performed and how many treatments are required?

Treatment is available...Come see the Dermatologist for specific treatment.