What is a laser facial?

"It's a treatment that elevates the basic facial, providing a safe and effective means of stimulating collagen and evening skin tone. At Skin Laundry, the laser and light facial provides the benefits that one might typically associate with going to a dermatologist, but given in a more accessible setting."

What types of lasers are used for the treatment?

"There is no one single agreed-upon laser that's used for a laser facial. Non-ablative lasers are a resurfacing device that stimulates your collagen and improves the skin's appearance without damaging the surface. Ablative lasers, which are more aggressive and typically burn the skin, are not going to be associated with the word 'facial,' because a facial is implying gentleness and safety.

Then there are IPL devices, intense pulse light devices, what have also been called "photo facials." So when people talk about what a photo facial is, it's a treatment with an IPL, or an intense pulse light device. That's now been expanded to include other layered treatments with other low energy, high impact, non-ablative resurfacing agents, such as an Nd:YAG laser. At Skin Laundry, when we refer to a laser and light facial, we are pairing an IPL treatment with a longer wavelength, collagen-stimulating Nd:YAG laser treatment."

What types of skin concerns does a laser facial treat?

"Someone wouldn't come in for a laser treatment for hydration, because lasers in general are focusing on targeting structures in the skin like pigmentation, decreasing red and brown spots. These treatments can certainly provide suppleness to the skin but if someone has severely dry skin, I wouldn't recommend this as a direct treatment for dryness. Steps can be added to provide a hydration boost, but in general lasers are more focused on pores, wrinkles, texture, tone, and firming of the skin rather than hydration.